How to play Minecraft with your friends ?

Sat Dec 24. 2022

How to play Minecraft with your friends ?

Minecraft Classic is an excellent option for players who want to play the original Minecraft version, with all its bugs and all. It was released in 2019, and it is an online version the very first Minecraft game ever created. This is great for players who wish to go back and see the glory days.

Minecraft Classic can give players an appreciation for the game's progress. Like many other games, Minecraft is best played with others. Here are some ways to play the Classic version of Minecraft with your friends.

Multiplayer mode in Minecraft: How to get started

Mojang posted the following information to their website when Minecraft Classic was first introduced:

This is all that players have to do to access the game. The game can be accessed by any browser that has internet access. It is easy to add friends to the game.

Minecraft Classic is technically a server. Players can open up a new world and invite up to nine people. To invite friends from the same network, you will need a Microsoft account. It is possible to invite someone to the regular world in the same manner as inviting them.

You can pause the game to invite friends. An invite button will appear on the screen along with a list of people who can be invited. It is a good idea if these players are already online so they can join the world immediately to start playing together.

Although it might be an older version of Minecraft, it still runs on the internet so playing with friends or other activities won't cause it to lag. Mojang has not indicated that Classic will be removed anytime soon.