Important Factors in Minecraft hosting

Mon Dec 12. 2022

Important Factors in Minecraft hosting

Minecraft and its popularity have been ever-increasing over the years. It has been able to mark a stamp in the players' hearts, and many of them now started looking for avenues to set up their own server.

Although there are several ways to play Minecraft with friends, hosting the game online is one of the best and most versatile ways.

What Do You Need For Minecraft Server Hosting?

Hosting games never came easy. But thankfully, Minecraft's humble need for resources makes it relatively easier to host. You can begin hosting Minecraft with basic specs on web servers.

Nevertheless, it will still need basic Minecraft setups or Vanilla as we commonly know it. If you were to host for about ten players, you could make do with the bare minimum of 1GB RAM and 1 CPU core for a basic Vanilla Minecraft server hosting. But hosting can get more optimal at 2GB RAM and 2 CPU Core.

You can still play around with the storage facto, but you will certainly need more of it if the number of players is 50 or more. Using mods will be a great idea in a case like this, which will require more conditions.

Minecraft is no exception to other web applications when it comes to requiring both infrastructure and hardware. It is crucial to learn about the technical and financial aspects if you aim at providing a seamless experience when hosting a Minecraft game.

You will need the capacity and hardware to support your quest to operate your own Minecraft server. In simple words, you will need to rent server space from a web hosting firm, such as Hostinger, unless you have your own data center.

Other than the needs mentioned above, here are some factors you must take into account if you want to host Minecraft smoothly and while deciding on a hosting plan.

- Memory

Memory ensures performance, and here's how. RAM covers the memory factor as it is what you need for means of storage to run processes. When your server receives a request, it will begin loading data into the memory space for faster processing. However, if you don't have sufficient memory to store the data, servers tend to move data from the RAM in and out and more often. This phenomenon leads to inferior performance.

Please note that multiple accounts work on a shared hosting basis taking their share from one large memory pool. It all depends on the plan and host you choose to determine how much memory you will need specifically.

- Server Location

Needless to say, the location to host your server is one of the essential factors. The farther the server is, the higher will the chances of latency while playing. But then this aspect is beyond control if you are hosting worldwide. But if you're hosting locally, it'd be best to choose a server within the vicinity.

- Extremely Cheap Plans For Minecraft Hosting

You must have come across several hosting companies offering cheap and tempting plans with attractive rates. Did you ever think they were too good to be true? It's sometimes good to question and listen to your hunch.

It is always sensible to use your inclination and be a little cautious before taking up these plans, as most of them come with compromised services.

- Processor

There is seldom any web application that won't require processing time to operate, especially in the gaming field. In Real-time scenarios with usage, processing time runs as clock cycles. And that's how it derives its representation as GHz or MHz.

When it comes to web hosting, several and powerful processors go into arming the servers. Your web host defines the amount of processing time you get to have. If it's a shared hosting processor, it will divide the processing time amongst multiple accounts. On the other hand, cloud hosting plans or VPS provide undivided use of some of their resources.

- Storage- Space and Type

As mentioned earlier, Minecraft doesn't demand much storage. But while running a server fo0r Minecraft, you will see an improvement in performance with SSD.

On the one hand, the difference is that many web hosts may offer software for servers based on SSD alongside using regular storage for data storing. It differs from providing a complete SSD where you use it to store everything.

- Specialized Support

Some web hosts offer additional support specifically for Minecraft-related issues. It'd be a wise move to choose a host that helps you in specific areas such as setup or installation, to name a few. You can contact the host if they offer such services before choosing one.