Lingering potions

Thu Dec 1. 2022

Lingering potions

Minecraft is a game with its own magic. Minecraft is a popular open-world survival video game that allows players to perform all sorts of sorcery. One of these is creating various types of potions.

There is another type of potion, the lingering potions. This potion does not only affect those who are hit with it, but it also lingers on top for a while, acting as a landmine to prolong the potion's life.

Although lingering potions are rare, they can be difficult to make. To create a lingering potion players must first go to the End realm to fight the Ender Dragon. Ender dragon releases dragon's breath, which is spread on the floor. You can collect it in a glass container. This is our most important and first ingredient. It is essential for players to make lingering potion.

Players will then need to create any type of splash potion that has a specific effect. You can make it by using any other potion, and then brewing it with gunpowder. To affect enemies, you can make a splash potion and throw it at them.

To make the potion splash and last for a while, dragon's breathe must be combined with any splash potion. To make the lingering potion dragon's breathe, any splash potion and blaze powder are required.

Different lingering potion effects have different time limits. Any entity within the vicinity of the lingering potion can be affected. The lingering potion creates clouds of the potion that cover a 3-block radius and then reduces to zero, depending on how long it has been.

You can also make lingering potions with arrows. This will create special potions with a specific potion effect. You can also shoot them far away so they have the same effect on any target.