Minecraft Elder guardian guide

Tue Nov 22. 2022

Minecraft Elder guardian guide

The Elder Guardian is one the most difficult Minecraft mobs you can defeat. It is located in an underwater structure making it difficult to find without dying. The Elder Guardian also grants players Mining Fatigue which makes it virtually impossible to break any monument blocks.

Once the mob is found, it is not difficult to defeat. With a good sword, Minecraft players can quickly defeat the mob. However, everything else is very difficult. Minecraft isn't new to capturing mobs, but the Elder Guardian is the most difficult. Here are the steps.

Minecraft's Elder Guardian: How can you capture

First and foremost, the Elder Guardian must be located. It can always be found at an Ocean Monument. These can be found in deep oceans. If players are nearby, it can be seen from the top. However, the best way to see it is from the surface.

First, ensure that there is a suitable place for the Elder Guardian to be captured. It should not be less than 50 blocks from the player's current location to prevent Mining Fatigue. It doesn't need to be full of water, but a 3×3 tunnel can be very useful.

Nether portals will also be required; one tunnel to the monument to Nether, and another to the Nether to The Overworld. These tunnels should be large enough to ensure that the block doesn't become suffocated.

The Elder Guardian must be evicted from any room in which water is present. You can do this with slime blocks or sponges. The latter can even be broken with Mining Fatigue. To transport the Guardian, the tunnels will require minecarts or rails.

Once the Guardian has passed through the first portal ensure that it enters the minecart before pushing it down the tunnel. You will find an activator rail at the end of the tunnel that leads into the portal. This will allow you to remove the Guardian form the minecart. The Guardian can then be pushed through portal.

It will appear in the Overworld. Players should push it into the cart and then down the tunnel until the Guardian is found. He can remain there for ever.