Minecraft MODS

Fri Nov 11. 2022

Minecraft MODS

Even though Minecraft is one of the most replayable games, it will come to an end when even the most loyal Stevies and Steves will be experimenting with Minecraft mods. Modded Minecraft servers offer a wide range of possibilities, from spacebound odysseys and planets made out of cheese to subsurface explorations using Leonardo da Vinci's proto-submarine.

There are so many options available, it can be overwhelming to browse through the dozens of Minecraft server mods and modpacks. It is almost like reading a slow sentence. We've collected our top ten Minecraft mods because the market is saturated right now. You can download them from the links below.

How to download Minecraft mods

Before we can get into the details of modded Minecraft, it is important to understand how to actually download mods. Minecraft has always been compatible with mods so you can tailor your server to suit your needs.

When modding Minecraft servers, the first thing to do is to download Minecraft Forge and Fabric. Both serve as mod loaders. After you have done this, you will be able to download individual mods from CurseForge. This is the website we'll be linking too throughout this guide. CurseForge has 91,500 Minecraft Mods. We're compiling a list here of our top ten.

Once you have downloaded the mods, you will need to ensure that your Minecraft version is the one described in the mod description. Drag the mod file from the download folder to your main Minecraft folder. When you next start the game, specify the mod loader that you wish to use. All compatible mods from this folder will automatically be applied to any world you create.

These are the best mods to Minecraft

We'll be briefing you that the mods we have chosen are large and world-changing projects that will completely change Minecraft. We have removed some beloved mods such as Optifine and Just Enough Items, which is somewhat controversial. This is because they are more focused on performance and quality-of life enhancements and b, many modern mods already support them. It's safe to assume that Tinker's Construct and HWYLA should always be installed.

Instead, we will be focusing on standalone mods that can dramatically change your game. All of these mods can be downloaded and installed following the instructions provided on each mod's landing pages. These are the top ten Minecraft mods you can download right now.

Dragons: Ice and Fire

It's no surprise that I love dragons and Direwolves so it is no surprise that the first item on this list is my personal favorite. Ice and Fire: Dragons has a very obvious name. This mod allows you to not only fight flying, fire-bellied serpents but also befriend them.

This mod has experienced remarkable growth over the past four years. A Lightning variant, along with the two dragons named, has been added. There are also a number of other monsters such as cyclopes, cockatrices, ghosts, and gorgons. This mod supports a number of popular ones, including JEI, Thaumcraft and Tinker's Construct.

JurassiCraft 2

You may be an aspiring paleontologist, or just a fan of Ian Malcolm. There's a good chance that you are interested in adding huge dinosaurs to your Minecraft server. JurassiCraft 2 might be the mod you're looking for.

JurassiCraft 2 has everything you need to fulfill your Jurassic ambitions, from synthesising fossil DNA to roaming biomes controlled by a terrifying T-Rex. Many people prefer Fossils and Archaeology Revival. However, JurassiCraft 2 is now available in the latest version. This allows you to have both the academic Fossils and the interactive JurassiCraft 2. Remember that these dinosaurs are living and you need to be careful. A wise man once said that if Pirates of the Caribbean falls apart, the pirates won't eat the tourists.


Botania is another personal favorite. It can be used to enchant Minecraft servers of all kinds by simply introducing the Lexica Botania (a magical book dedicated the natural arcane).

Botania, as the name suggests, is about harnessing and directing magic with flowers – or flower power. Mana can be gained from certain Mystical Flowers. You can then use this Mana to activate many of the amazing features included in the mod. The Gaia Guardian is a tough boss at the end of Minecraft. You will need to be able to master magical botany to succeed in this highly inspired version.

The Lost Cities

The Lost Cities mod is for those who loved this year's The Forgotten City. It was originally developed using Skyrim's proprietary creation tool. This mod is not like traditional biomes such as the jungle, desert, and strange mushroom forest Minecraft that were introduced years ago. Instead, it revolves around a decaying metropolis with many unique obstacles to overcome.

This mod is also highly… moddable. For inspiration, you can visit The Lost Cities' official website to play around with the configuration. It can also be used with popular mods such as Biomes O' Plenty or WildNature. You can also increase the difficulty by using its official companion mod Lost Souls.


Caterpillar, unlike all the other mods we have mentioned, completely changes how Minecraft works. Caterpillar is too great to be ignored – it improves any revamp mod you use tenfold.

Caterpillar is basically a way to revitalize Minecraft's most fundamental concept, mining. Caterpillar makes it possible to build a 3×3 drill that can rip through mineshafts and mountains. Although it's not up-to-date in years past and it's not optimized for Minecraft's latest versions, Caterpillar is still a great tool.


What is Starfield? Starfield what? GalactiCraft, widely regarded as the most ambitious Minecraft mod available for download, is a must-play game for anyone with an interest in space.

There are a lot of copycats. This is probably due to how popular the original GalactiCraft is. We've also linked to some pay-to play modpacks. To avoid grifters racking up unnecessary costs, we've provided a link to the GalactiCraft official homepage. We recommend that you just go to the official GalactiCraft website and check it out. One of its official expansions adds a cheese-themed planet.

Vessels of Da Vinci

Although it isn't as risky as space travel, it is still quite thrilling to fly through the skies in a model of da Vinic's famed flying machine. Although it isn't as expansive as Caterpillar's Vessels, da Vinci's Vessels (misspelled in the mod title) is just as fascinating as many of the others on the list.

Although the mod initially allows you to create a new type of boat, you can modify it to make it a flying machine or a submarine. If you don't remember, da Vinci tried to invent these vessels before anyone else. It's nice to see Leonardo get some credit in a children's game that has one-foot zombies running faster than Usain Bolt.

Pixelmon Generations

It's Minecraft and Pokemon. Do I need to say more?

Pam's HarvestCraft

It's Minecraft, but Harvest Moon. Do I need to say more?

The Twilight Forest

This mod is another top pick on my personal list of must-plays, along with Ice and Fire Dragons and Botania. The Twilight Forest, which is self-described as a “dimension exploration mod”, puts a new spin to Minecraft's traditional woodlands. It's also constantly updated, as the CurseForge team says on their page: “We never stop.”

You must build a portal to access The Twilight Forest and then throw a diamond in it. This is interdimensional travel at its most expensive. You'll be able explore many new dungeons once you reach the alternate universe. It's worth noting that ConnectedTexturesMod is a companion mod to this mod.