PVP Minecraft servers

Sun Nov 6. 2022

PVP Minecraft servers

Following the trend of many other popular modern multiplayer games, some Minecraft servers have developed custom game modes that are designed with the notion of stiff competition in mind.

This is due in large part to ELO-based matchmaking systems being more common in the gaming world. This has resulted in the adoption of skill-based ranked matchmaking systems to be seen on some of the most popular Minecraft server game modes.

Skill-based matchmaking is for players what it means that they will only play with players who are similar to them. This means that every match should be challenging.

Minemen Club IP: minemen.club

Minemen Club is one of the most loved OG PvP Minecraft servers. It remains true to the 1.8 PvP system that many of the community is deeply rooted in.

Minemen Club is not the newest kid on the block. It is a PvP server powerhouse with thousands of Minecraft PvPers relying on Minemen Club for their PvP practice every day.

Viper MC IP: vipermc.com

Viper MC is currently the dominant Minecraft factions scene. Most of the community considers Viper MC the current home for the unforgiving game mode.

Hardcore factions are similar to regular factions. All factions are designed to be more competitive than their standard counterparts. Players who die will be removed from the server and banned for a time. They won't be allowed to return.

Many of the most skilled Minecraft PvPers feel at ease playing Viper MC, as they are part of the same team who managed VeltPvP.

The Archon IP: archon.ddns.net

The Archon is primarily a high-stakes, high-payout factions server. The server offers huge real-life cash payouts, which is why players flock to it.

Each season, thousands of real-life dollars will be paid out by the server to the winners of each season. It's easy to see why things are so competitive with so much at stake. Only the very best Minecrafters have a chance of succeeding.

IP: Invaded Lands

Invaded Lands, a popular Minecraft server network, is well-known to many players due to its association with Skeppy, a hugely popular Minecraft YouTuber.

Invaded Lands is a well-known community member for being one of the most dedicated networks to the kit-pvp mode. Minecraft kit-pvp servers are very popular with more experienced players. Their skill-demanding nature leaves little room for error.

Hypixel IP: www.hypixel.net

Hypixel hosts the largest Minecraft server, hosting hundreds of thousands of players at peak times.

The introduction of competitively ranked matchmaking versions for some of the most popular game modes such as bedwars can play a part in the server's recent success.

Publicly visible leaderboards that display players' rankings add to the pressure for good performance in ranked play.